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Welcome to SCRAP

Based in Southern California, we are the largest localized group within the hobby of model warship combat. We battle 1/144th scale model warships from WWI and WWII with working BB cannons and bilge pumps. We actually do sink each other but our ships are designed to survive combat and return to the water in about an hour.

Recent News

2017-10-05 : Due to continuing issues at Prado Lake with the weeds, the October and November events have been cancelled. We're tentatively planning for the December battle as the -- hopefully soon to be arriving -- cold weather should finish killing off the remaining weeds.

2017-08-01 : The water district which supplies water to Prado Lake has been trickling the flow due to the time of year. This has delayed the refilling of the lake. As such, the August and September battles will be converted into all-day build sessions.

2017-05-06 : The management of Prado Regional Park has informed us that the primary 48" drain valve for the lake has failed. This valve is 45 years old and will need to be remanufactured. As such, it is expected that the lake will be drained for an additional two months. SCRAP has scheduled June and July for all-day build sessions due to this news. Hopefully, we'll be on the water in August.

 Upcoming Events

October 7, 2017

Steve Thrall Memorial Battle


November 4, 2017

SCRAP Battle & Build


December 2, 2017

SCRAP Battle & Build

Prado Regional Park
Chino, CA