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Thank you for taking the time to review one of the hulls listed here. The only way for people to know the quality of a hull is if people share their knowledge of hulls they either own or have seen. Please fill out all available fields otherwise your review may be rejected. Please use the following suggested grading scale for the 'scale' and 'layup' values to provide better consistency across all reviews.

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A : Excellent - Few or no defects.
B : Good - Minor defects in appearance.
C : Average - Serviceable hull. Can make a decent combat ship but has some obvious and noticeable problems.
D : Fair - Has major defects in scale shape and or volume.
F : Poor - Probably a good idea to avoid.
NR : Not rated.
A : Excellent - Smooth and durable.
B : Good - Can have a few small voids or minor defects.
C : Average - Has some flaws and weaknesses (voids, excess gel, surface imperfections, etc.).
D : Fair - Hull will probably need some work before building.
F : Poor - Hull will need major work before building.
NR : Not rated.
Field Definitions
Hull Name : The name of the hull you are reviewing.
Manufacturer : The name of the manufacturer of the hull.
Reviewer Name : How you would like your name to appear on the review.
Reviewer E-mail Address : Your e-mail address. Your e-mail address will NOT be posted on the page and will only be used if the Web*Monkey has any questions regarding your review.
Rebuttal? : Is this a rebuttal to an earlier review?
Scale : Your rating for the hull on its scale appearance.
Layup : Your rating for the hull on its layup quality.
Comments : Any comments you would like to make about the hull.
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