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Last Update : 2020-05-15

ATTENTION: We do not sell these hulls! This is a list of available fiberglass 1/144th scale warship hulls compiled from both retailers and individuals who are creating hulls. These hulls are sorted by Model Warship Combat, Inc. (MWC/SCRAP) battle units and all values pertain to the MWC/SCRAP rules. Please note that some of these hulls are available as "Full Kits ", "Hull Kits" or as "Hull Only". Contact each manufacturer concerning their pricing and availability.

Often a mold will change hands and be produced by a new manufacturer. In this case, the review will remain but the 'layup' rating will be changed to 'NR' for consistency.

If you wish to review one of these hulls, please fill out the on-line review form and your review will be posted as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to review already reviewed hulls even if you disagree with an earlier review. If you disagree with a review, you can enter a rebuttal on the on-line form mentioned above. Everyone has a different opinion. The opinion of the reviewer does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the SCRAP membership.

If you see a hull that is no longer offered or know of a new 1/144th scale fiberglass hull that is available, please send an e-mail to Web*Monkey with the pertinent information.
Available 1/144th Fiberglass Hulls
Iowasmall flag 8 24 Model Ships Ahoy       
Yamatosmall flag 8 24 Battler's ConnectionBryan Finster B A Much closer to scale than any previous Yamato hull. Everything is correct with the exception of the boat hangers which lack the correct radius. No compromises to the hull shape have been made to ease sheeting so sheeting skill is required. His superstructure is very scale but is made of heavier resin. Hopefully he will make a fiberglass option available in the future.
Bismarcksmall flag 6.5 24 Battler's Connection       
Bismarcksmall flag 6.5 24 Model Ships Ahoy       
Littoriosmall flag 6.5 24 Model Ships Ahoy       
Nagatosmall flag 6 24 Battler's ConnectionGerald Roberts A A Nice job of duplicating the massive bulges that this class has; great layup which includes the casments; deck kit is a must along with the superstructure which is accurate and expeditious for an intermediate to advanced building project.
North Carolinasmall flag 6 24 Battler's ConnectionBob Hoernemann A A The NC hull by BC is very good. It has the correct scale bulges and armor belt. This makes for some extra work sheeting the ship but is much nicer then the slab sided hulls. BC also has the skegs molded into the hull cutting down another construction step if they were not there. The layup and thickness of the hull where perfect. I've had it in many battles and the hull is holding up very well. The length of the armor belt had extra material in it. A must for the 1/8" stringer.
South Dakotasmall flag 6 26 Battler's Connection       
Fuso (B)small flag 5.5 26 Battler's ConnectionBrandon Smith B A I have built 2 Fuso's from the BC hull. Very good layup that is quite strong but not too thick. The only thing I do not like about the hull is the omission of the casemate guns. The sides are smooth the entire length of the ship. This probably eases layup, but all the other BC hulls with similar features now have them molded in and I would like to see the same done with the Fuso hull. Other than that, it is a great hull!
Maryland (B)small flag 5.5 26 Battler's ConnectionChris Pearce A A One of Charley's best! He really did the research on this one and the quality shows.
Scharnhorstsmall flag 5 24 Battler's ConnectionChris Pearce C A A nice looking ship but the armor belt is located too low on the hull and the hull has excessive volume. Probably suffers from poor source material.
Iron Dukesmall flag 5 26 Battler's ConnectionBrian Lamb C A 1) Bow height is 1/2" too short and does not match the height at the aft end of the forecastle deck which is correct.
2) Ram bow is incorrect (I have been told this was done to ease layup)
3) First several inches of the bow are shaped incorrectly (too thick and plow shaped)
4) Casemate decks are different heights (starboard casemates are shorter than port)
The fiberglass layup is excellent. With a bit of elbow grease, the issues with the bow are correctable with some judicious application of wood, glass and resin. The problem with the casemate heights is negligible as it is fairly easily concealed. Should make an excellent combat ship overall.
Konigsmall flag 5 28 Battler's ConnectionChris Pearce A A Another excellent hull in Charley's stable. Well researched and built.
Kongo (WW1)small flag 4.5 24 Model Ships Ahoy       
Lionsmall flag 4.5 24 Battler's ConnectionClark Ward A A Good solid hull, no voids nor air bubbles. Floats at scale waterline at scale weight, and the lines look right. The hull I purchased is still in good shape 6 years later.
Seydlitzsmall flag 4.5 26 Battler's Connection       
Andrea Doriasmall flag 4.5 28 Battler's Connection       
Von der Tannsmall flag 4 26 Battler's ConnectionChris Pearce A A Charley did a great job on this one.
Floridasmall flag 4 28 Model Ships Ahoy       
Mississippismall flag 4 28 Battler's Connection       
Nassausmall flag 4 28 Model Ships Ahoy       
Baltimoresmall flag 3.5 23 Model Ships Ahoy       
Des Moinessmall flag 3.5 23 Battler's ConnectionBrandon Smith B B The Des Moines under construction in our club is a great looking ship. A little bit lacking in scale lines around the bow but otherwise a decent hull. The hull has appropriate volume.
Lutzowsmall flag 3.5 23 Model Ships AhoyBryan Michenfelder A NR This is a nice bulged hull originally by Ralph Coles. It has great lines and is nice and roomy while being in scale. It has a much nicer presentation than the slab sided ones out there. My hull had a little thick at the nose but it was well within my allowable solid area. My son loves this ship.
Prinz Eugensmall flag 3.5 23 Battler's ConnectionJohn Pardus A B The new Prinz Eugen hull from Battler's Connection is a beauty to behold. A little sanding was required to remove a mold line at the center of the hull along the bottom, but other wise it is free of any flaws. The hull is strong and the glass is thick as many of the hulls now coming from Battler's Connection.
Prinz Eugensmall flag 3.5 23 Model Ships Ahoy       
Radetzkysmall flag 3.5 28 Battler's Connection       
Clevelandsmall flag 3 22 Battler's Connection       
Aobasmall flag 3 23 Battler's Connection       
Brooklynsmall flag 3 23 Model Ships Ahoy       
Mogamismall flag 3 23 Battler's Connection       
Suffernsmall flag 3 23 Battler's ConnectionChris Pearce C A One of Charley's earlier efforts. It's good looking but suffers from poor source material and has an excessive amount of hull volume. Even when illegally heavy it still has too much freeboard.
Brandon Smith B A Great hull from Charlie though it does have a tad bit extra freeboard from scale. Mine is a good pound overweight yet still floats a bit above scale waterline. The hull itself is great very nice looking and quite durable. About the only downside I can think of is that the step is too far forward for the Foch/Dupleix which had slightly differing superstructures.
Atlantasmall flag 2.5 22 Battler's ConnectionChris Pearce D A Charley's Atlanta suffered from poor source materials and has an excessive amount of hull volume - to the point that even at the max +25% weight it still has too much freeboard. It also has too much curvature in the deck line.
Fijismall flag 2.5 22 Battler's Connection       
Konigsburgsmall flag 2.5 22 Battler's Connection       
Scharnhorstsmall flag 2.5 26 Battler's ConnectionDavid Asman A A This ship most likely has the largest hull volume in it's assigned MWC class (2) which is a real luxury for placing internal components. The hull design also permits a large amoung of solid area that will still conform to the MWC ruleset. A very satisfactory secondary ship.
Clark Ward A A Scale-wise, it's not only got the over shape right, but it has well-defined shapes molded correctly, even in places that sadly will never be seen in a combat model. In short, it looks good enough to do a detailed scale model with. The layup is 99% perfect, and they did not skimp on material in/around the many casements on this ship. Very happy with the hull.
Destroyer Escortsmall flag 1.5 21 Model Ships Ahoy       
Mogadorsmall flag 1.5 21 Battler's ConnectionBob Pottle A A Ralph Coles built this mold and sold it to Battlers Connection. I have one of these and it is a very nice hull - light strong and with superb lines.
Z23small flag 1.5 21 Battler's Connection       
Capitani Romanismall flag 1.5 22 Battler's ConnectionJohn Bruder A A A beautiful and very well made hull. This hull is of the highest quality and very accurately follows all available plans. Well done Charley.
Capitani Romanismall flag 1.5 22 Model Ships Ahoy       
Trompsmall flag 1.5 22 Model Ships Ahoy       
I-400small flag 1 28 Model Ships Ahoy       
Altmarksmall flag 0 34 Battler's ConnectionBryan Michenfelder B B A great hull, arrived with some cracks that were due to post office handling of the package. But all BC work was great, nice clean hull, lots of room to place batteries and motors. A very nice hull which can be made into hulls that works for British as well as German as some of her sisters were taken into British service after war/capture.
Liberty Shipsmall flag 0 34 Battler's ConnectionTy Siouxpancic A A A very nicely executed hull for what should be the ubiquitous Allied convoy ship.
Liberty Shipsmall flag 0 34 Model Ships Ahoy       
Unavailable 1/144th Fiberglass Hulls With Reviews
Yamatosmall flag 8 24 Ralph ColesBryan Finster C B A nice heavy hull with plenty of strength. However the bow (while still pretty) is incorrect and the armor belt is the wrong shape. The angle of the bulge has been shallowed for ease of sheeting. Molded in skegs are very nice and his fiberglass superstructure is a nice item.
Bismarcksmall flag 6.5 24 Ralph ColesBob Amend A A Outstanding job on this hull by Ralph. Lines are correct. Nice thick hull. No wood was needed to back the ribs. Ralph did an outstanding job on this hull.
Bismarcksmall flag 6.5 24 Strike ModelsChris Pearce C NR Beautiful hull for a beautiful ship but extra volume in the stern causes an aesthetic and competitive disadvantage.
King George Vsmall flag 6 24 Strike ModelsChris Pearce A NR Ronny Hunt built the plug for this hull and did an excellent job.
Nagatosmall flag 6 24 Strike ModelsChris Pearce B NR David Haynes built this plug and did a very nice job but it acquired just a bit of extra volume in a couple of areas. It will most likely require the full +10% displacement in order to float at the scale waterline.
North Carolinasmall flag 6 24 Strike ModelsChris Pearce B NR Very nice hull but scale has been compromised a bit by omitting the skegs in order to make the layup better and lowering the torpedo bulges slightly so that they are legally impenetrable and don't need to be sheeted.
South Dakotasmall flag 6 26 Ralph ColesKevin Bray A A I really like my SoDak hull purchased from Ralph. Having built in skegs is great and the thickness of the hull is very good.
Arizonasmall flag 5.5 26 Strike ModelsChris Pearce A NR An excellent hull.
Queen Elizabethsmall flag 5.5 26 Ralph ColesChris Pearce B B Serviceable and good looking hull but is a bit lumpy and the casemates are not symmetrical on both sides. Samples I've seen can have problems with casemate height being asymmetrical on either side too.
Bob Hoernemann B A I battled this hull for 5 years. The hull has taken a beating with several ribs broken out and a lot of the casement area chipped away. It has held up well for the number of battles it has been in. The casements are a little off from port to starboard but it does not make a differance on the water.
Tennesseesmall flag 5.5 26 Bryan MechenfelderChris Pudifin B A Very slight modifications to hull to ease sheeting (Scale B), a very nice hull, with only a very few small pin size air bubbles in surface that were cut away when windows were cut anyway (Layup A). Overall a great hull with lots of room for big hands and all your gear. Great job on finish and good customer service from molder.
Tennessee (B)small flag 5.5 26 Strike ModelsBrian Eliassen NR NR Beautiful ship which will become my USS California. Swampworks two-layered mat process is really nice. No idea what 'scale' is for this ship hence the NR scale rating.
Chris Pearce A NR Andy Ray built the plug and the excellence shows.
Badensmall flag 5.5 28 Strike ModelsChris Pearce A NR An excellent hull.
Clark Ward B A Beautiful hull, the fiberglass work is done nicely, plenty thick without reinforcing. Gelcoat is consistent with no blemishes. My only issue is that the casemates aren't molded into the hull so it gets a B for scale appearance. But I'm very happy with it otherwise and recommend it to anyone looking to join or reinforce the High Seas Fleet.
Moltkesmall flag 4 26 Strike ModelsKevin Bray B NR A 'workhorse' of a ship. Very nice lines. A few 'scale freaks' tell me that the nose is not 'defined' enough (but I like it anyways......)
Chris Pearce A NR Very nice German battlecruiser hull.
Admiral Hippersmall flag 3.5 23 Ralph ColesChris Pearce D B This hull has several problems with the entire hull being about 3/8" too short in height and also too short in length to represent the Prinz Eugen. The bow shape is also incorrect for any of the ships in this class.
Bob Pottle - - Rebuttal: Ralph's Hipper suffered from very poor source material (a Goff plan which turned out to be inaccurate in hull depth). Regarding Chris's comment of course it is too short for the Prinz Eugen. The PE was longer and heavier than the other members of the Hipper Class so that comment is unfair and has nothing to do with a Hipper hull.
Tim Krakowski C A I purchased one and used it at NATS in 2000. While some of the scale problems have already been mentioned it was a very good cruiser. I had no problems whatsoever with the hull. It was strong and turned better than you may think.
Brooklynsmall flag 3 23 Strike ModelsChris Pearce A NR A very nice hull. I have one and like it quite a bit.
Exetersmall flag 3 23 Strike ModelsPiper Malick A NR Very solid model. No defects and scale was excellent.
Aganosmall flag 2.5 22 Strike ModelsChris Pearce A NR An Andy Ray masterpiece.
Atlantasmall flag 2.5 22 Strike ModelsChris Pearce A NR Swampy's Atlanta is an excellent scale model.
Gearingsmall flag 1.5 21 Bryan MechenfelderCraig Charrett A B An excellent Ralph Coles hull that accurately follows the included plans. A few small voids that were easily filled. Thickness was a good balance between strength and weight. Highly recommended.
I-400small flag 1 28 Battler's ConnectionBryan Finster B B The I-400 makes some compromises in scale for a somewhat easier build of a very difficult model.
Sangamonsmall flag 1 28 Eric BroderickEric Broderick NR NR This is my T-2 Tanker hull that can be built as a Sangamon class CVE.
Landing Ship Tanksmall flag 0 34 Strike ModelsBrian Eliassen NR NR Beautiful ship. The Swampworks two-layer mat layup looks great. I have no idea what 'scale' is for this ship so it's not rated.
Column Headings
Ship : The class or name (class) of the hull.
Country : Flag of the country of origin (see Country Flags).
Units : The number of MWC units for this ship type.
Speed : The minimum time in seconds to traverse 100'.
Manufacturer : Manufacturer of the hull.
Reviewer : Name of the person reviewing the hull.
Scale : Scale quality of the hull (see Scale below).
Layup : Layup quality of the hull (see Layup below).
Comments : Any comments by the person reviewing the hull.
Status : Expected time for availability and/or addition notes.
(B) : The hull is the bulged version of the ship class.
A : Excellent - Few or no defects.
B : Good - Minor defects in appearance.
C : Average - Serviceable hull. Can make a decent combat ship but has some obvious and noticeable problems.
D : Fair - Has major defects in scale shape and or volume.
F : Poor - Probably a good idea to avoid.
NR : Not rated.
A : Excellent - Smooth and durable.
B : Good - Can have a few small voids or minor defects.
C : Average - Has some flaws and weaknesses (voids, excess gel, surface imperfections, etc.).
D : Fair - Hull will probably need some work before building.
F : Poor - Hull will need major work before building.
NR : Not rated.
Country Flags
small flagAustria
small flagFrance
small flagGerman (WWI)
small flagGerman (WWII)
small flagGreat Britain
small flagItaly
small flagJapan
small flagNetherlands
small flagRussia
small flagSpain
small flagSweden
small flagTurkey
small flagUnited States