The Commodore's Tactics

During my many years as an R/C Warship Combatant, I have learned a great deal about our warships, and the tactics we use to battle them. This page is my attempt to share them with you, so that you may understand how we battle these ships, what tactics are effective, and what tactics are not effective. This is a rather large undertaking, so don't be surprised if it takes a while before this page is filled. But for now, enjoy what you can find, and you can look forward to additions in the not so distant future.

Tactics Part I - The Stern Gun

Tactics Part II - The Stern Sidemount

Tactics Part III - The Bow Sidemount

Tactics Part IV - Bow Guns and Other Silliness

Tactics Part V - The Food Chain

Tactics Part VI - Team Tactics

Tactics Part VII (Coming Soon?!)

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