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The Southern California Region Attack Patrol (SCRAP) is the the largest localized group within the hobby of model warship combat. We battle 1/144th scale WWI and WWII model warships. The hulls of our ships are covered with 1/32" balsa sheets which are then covered in Silkspan (a thin tissue-like product) to make them waterproof. This allows our low velocity BB cannons to penetrate the hulls which will cause a ship to sink if the bilge pump isn't up to its task. After sinking, a ship can be easily repaired and returned to the water in about an hour.

SCRAP was founded in December 1997 by Brian Eliassen in an attempt to increase participation in the hobby of model warship combat within the Southern California area. His reasons for this were completely selfish as the expense of travelling to battle events across this great nation was rapidly depleting his bank account. Fortunately this hobby -- the magnificent obsession -- is just that, so it was not long before it started to attract others who began to show up to the monthly SCRAP meetings. After several years, two very dedicated members actually completed ships and started to travel with Brian to the National Championships which are held annually around the country. Others arrived over the years and you can find our current list of captains and the status of their ships on that subpage on this site.

In June of 2008, SCRAP received formal permission from the Prado Regional Park in Chino, CA to use the area of their lake designated for model boating as a location to host our battles. We are encouraged by the positive reception we've received from the local park management and San Bernardino county officials. If only all counties were as knowledgeable as San Bernardino, we'd have plenty of battle sites in Southern California. In December of 2008, SCRAP secured the use of the Prado Regional Park facility for the entire 2009 calendar year with battle events on the first Saturday of each month (except July).

SCRAP continues to have regular monthly build session meetings where captains bring their ships to a members house. This helps people to resolve problems and expedites the assembly of ships and systems. If you're interested in the hobby send our Public Information Officer, Ty Siouxpancic, an e-mail and ask about our upcoming events. The build sessions are the best way to learn about the hobby as it gives you a chance to meet the SCRAP captains, look inside ships and ask questions in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Battles are a good way to observe tactics and note how to avoid being designated as 'practice target'. Currently, a build session in Pasadena follows each battle event.

As is common, people come for the warships but stay for the friendships.