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3D Printer Files
ATTENTION: These files have been made freely available by their creators but remain the property of their respective creators.

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Drive Components

thumbnaillow_pro_360_motor_mount_v2.stl (60 KB)
Motor mount for 365 or similar diameter motor. Designed with slots for zip ties and a down angle to help with shaft or dog bone alignment.
Created by William Litchfield


thumbnailbayern_rudder.stl (101 KB)
Rudder design for the Bayern that meets class 5 dual rudder surface area requirements of 4.5 square inches.
Created by William Litchfield

Support Infrastructure

thumbnailbottle_holder_2.8oz.stl (28 KB)
A CO2 Bottle holder for the 2.8 oz bottle originally sold by Strike models. Designed with an appropriate up angle to avoid liquid CO2 ingestion. The slot along the base is for a velcro strap to hold the bottle in place.
Created by William Litchfield
thumbnailmulti_b_tray.stl (7 KB)
A holder for the Battler's Connection Multi-B electronics board. An "ear" was also added to the board that can be drilled through to mount to a surface inside your boat.
Created by William Litchfield
thumbnailmulti_c_tray.stl (17 KB)
A holder for the Battler's Connection Multi-C electronics board. It also incorporates a tray to hold the common Hobbywing 1060 brushed ESC.
Created by William Litchfield