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2019-12-04 : Battle Cancelled - The water in the lake is still not safe for contact. As such, the battle has been cancelled.

2019-11-01 : Battle Cancelled - The water in the lake has been declared hazardous due to an algae bloom. As such, the battle has been cancelled.

2019-10-04 : Battle Cancelled - The October SCRAP battle has been cancelled. There will also not be a build session.

2019-09-05 : Battle Cancelled - The September SCRAP battle has been cancelled. There will also not be a build session.

2019-07-31 : Battle Cancelled - Due to a series of convergent events, we're going to have to cancel the August SCRAP battle. There will also not be a build session in August.

2019-02-01 : Battle Cancelled - Due to extreme weather conditions, the February battle has been cancelled. The build session will occur starting at 0900.

2018-07-06 : Battle Delayed - Due to an extreme heatwave, the July battle has been delayed a week until July 14th.

2017-12-09 : A quick trip down to Prado has shown that the majority of the weeds have died back so we're planning a full year of battles for 2018. Nearly all of the cattails have been removed as well so the battling area is the largest it's been in years. 2018 should be a great battling year.

2017-10-05 : Due to continuing issues at Prado Lake with the weeds, the October and November events have been cancelled. We're tentatively planning for the December battle as the -- hopefully soon to be arriving -- cold weather should finish killing off the remaining weeds.

2017-08-01 : The water district which supplies water to Prado Lake has been trickling the flow due to the time of year. This has delayed the refilling of the lake. As such, the August and September battles will be converted into all-day build sessions.

2017-05-06 : The management of Prado Regional Park has informed us that the primary 48" drain valve for the lake has failed. This valve is 45 years old and will need to be remanufactured. As such, it is expected that the lake will be drained for an additional two months. SCRAP has scheduled June and July for all-day build sessions due to this news. Hopefully, we'll be on the water in August.

2017-03-30 : After a discussion with the management of Prado Regional Park, it would appear the maintenance is taking more time than expected. As such, the May battle will be changed to an all-day build session. We're hoping for battling to begin this year in June.

2017-01-04 : Prado Regional Park has begun the process of doing some overdue lake maintenance. This means the lake will be drained for several months. As such, SCRAP will shift over to Build Sessions while the lake is being repaired.

2016-10-09 : Brandon Smith wrote an article for Saturday of our first two-day event which was the 2nd Annual Steve Thrall Memorial Battle.

2016-09-24 : SCRAP will be celebrating the 2nd Annual Steve Thrall Memorial Battle on October 1st & 2nd. This will be our first two-day event. Come on out and enjoy the battles. The first sorties should start around 10:00am each day.

2016-05-09 : Brian Eliassen has written an article about our May battle. Scores for this event have been posted under the Battle Results menu item.

2016-03-31 : Battle Cancelled! Unfortunately, as a vacation and an unexepeced illness has taken away our normal Contest Directors, we're forced to cancel the April event this year. Additionally, as the build session is normally held at the house of the person who is sick, that event is cancelled as well. We'll see everyone on the water in May.

2016-02-12 : Battle Cancelled! We were just informed that Prado Lake is currently empty due to an unexpected emergency maintenance cycle. As there is no water for a battle, we are planning a build session starting at noon at the usual Pasadena location.

2015-09-30 : SCRAP will be returning to the water, after our normal summer hiatus, this coming Saturday. It will be the first Steve Thrall Memorial Battle for SCRAP and some captains are bringing out special ships to remember Steve. We will also be having our usual post-battle Build Session in Pasadena.

2015-06-09 : Brandon White, SCRAP's newest rookie, has written an article about his experience on the water. Additionally, several photos were added to the site showing some of the activity at the event.

2015-03-30 : We are deeply saddened to learn that our good friend Steve Thrall, one of our core members who was instrumental in helping to reboot SCRAP in 2008, has unexpectedly passed away. Most of the German ships you see randomly loaded on this site are his ships. Our President, Ty Siouxpancic posted the following which sums up the feelings for everyone in SCRAP.

"I had the pleasure and blessing to battle with Kapitan Steve Thrall since August of 2008. Steve was always a gentleman. He always had a smile on his face and a kind word on his lips. He was generous with his time and property. He was a craftsman and an innovator, never afraid to try something new and never too proud to admit when something didn't work as planned.

Steve was reliable, honest, and dependable. You could always count on Steve. He set the bar high for sportsmanship: He sank with a smile and when he [sank] you, any gloating was gentle and good natured. His dependability as an Axis captain made the hobby fun. We could play that there was a rivalry when we were really only there for the camaraderie.

Steve always had an encouraging word for rookies and a welcoming heart for new-comers. We all counted Steve among our favorite friends.

Model Warship Combat won't ever be the same without him. Steve knew how to play and make other's want to play with him. I hope that Tanner can continue to find the time to play and that he plays with us so we might have the reminder of what a friend and role-model we had in his father.

To my willing foe and absent friend, God speed Steven Thrall."

image of Steve Thrall

Steven Thrall

October 10, 1964 - March 28, 2015

2015-03-06 : Battle Cancelled! Due to an unexpected scheduling conflict with Prado due to a missed trout stocking event, we've been forced to cancel the March battle as it now conflicts with Prado's Trout Derby which was originally scheduled for February 28th. These unexpected events unfortunatly do happen on occasion.

2015-02-06 : Battle Cancelled! A lack of available participants is the cause for the cancelation of the February battle. We will be having a build session all day in Pasadena so people can get their ships completed/fixed.

2014-10-30 : Battle Cancelled! A lack of available participants is the cause for the cancelation of the November battle. We will be having a build session all day in Pasadena so people can get their ships completed/fixed.

2014-10-02 : Battle Cancelled! The hot weather this year is playing havoc with the moss at the lake so we're going to give it one more month to abate.

2014-06-18 : Due to the severe moss issues at Prado this year, we're going to be replacing some of our summer battles with build session events. Everyone is encouraged to show up, bring your ships and help each other to get them ready to return to the water after moss season is over.

2014-02-28 : Battle Cancelled! Due to the extremely bad weather we are currently experiencing, we will be cancelling the battle on March 1st and turning it into an all-day build session in Pasadena. Everyone stay safe.

2014-02-01 : A total of thirteen ships appeared on the water today. As luck would have it (and some begging), a First Battle article was written by our newest member, Ron Gusman regarding his impressions of the battle.

2014-01-04 : Record Breaker! We broke a record for the number of ships on the water for our Kathryn's Birthday Battle this January with 15 ships battling at one time. We also held a special 'rookies-only' battle in the morning with six rookies battling each other. This was so successful, we'll probably do it again in the future.

2013-12-06 : Battle Cancelled! No December battle this year. We're going to have an all-day build session in Pasadena on the 9th instead.

2013-10-31 : Battle Cancelled! No November battle this year. We're going to have an all-day build session in Pasadena on the 9th instead.

2013-09-04 : Battle Cancelled! Due to moss issues at the battle site, we're going to hold off this month on a battle. We will be doing an all-day build session in Pasadena starting at noon.

2013-08-01 : Battle Cancelled! Due to moss issues at the battle site, we're going to hold off this month on a battle. We will be doing an all-day build session in Pasadena starting at noon.

2013-05-06 : Jeffrey York wrote up an After Action Report for our May battle. It looks so official I didn't know if I was supposed to salute before releasing it so I did just in case. Enjoy!

2012-11-30 : Battle Cancelled! Due to worsening weather conditions and some scheduling conflicts with the more regular attendees, we've decided to cancel our December battle. We will be doing an all-day Build Session in Pasadena instead starting at noon.

2012-04-07 : Fifteen ships made it out to our battle today but one couldn't make it on the water so we just tied our record of 14 ships. There is always next month.

2012-03-03 : Five new ships hit the water today as well as two new captains. It was a great battle. Photos and an article are pending.

2012-02-10 : Battle Cancelled! Due to a scheduling conflict with the Prado facility regarding a special fishing event, we've decided to cancel our February battle. We will be doing an all-day Build Session in Pasadena instead.

2011-11-05 : We have video of the second sortie of the second battle at our November event. It also shows the very first sink of the mighty USS California.

2011-07-07 : Battle Rescheduled! Our July 2nd battle has been rescheduled for July 9th. Due to the shift of schedule, the number of attendees will be lower than normal but we'll still be there.

2011-07-01 : Battle Cancelled! Due to horrible lake conditions caused by a pump failure, the July battle will be moved. No date has been decided upon at this time.

2011-05-14 : SCRAP would like to thank the Naval Surface Warfare Center for inviting us to attend their Armed Forces Day/Open House event. Six members of SCRAP attended this year and had a great time.

2011-05-01 : SCRAP has been reinvited to the festivities at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Norco to show people what we're all about during their upcoming Armed Forces Day/Open House event on May 14th. Come on out and look at our ships. There will not be any battling but we'll have our booth setup with ships on display. The NSWC facility is located at 1999 4th Street in Norco. The event runs from 10am until 2pm.

2011-04-02 : Record Breaker! In what surprised everyone, SCRAP had 14 ships on the water for our April battle breaking the old record by two ships. While the Allies were victorious in both battles the Axis put forth a great effort to thwart their plans. An article was written about the day's events.

2011-02-12 : Starting with the February battle, in order to keep from punishing the larger ships, SCRAP has elected to stop the single battle with three sorties for the more normal two battles of two sorties each. This means more battling time for everyone but it also means patching between battles at the lake and the requirement that sortie start times be observed. As such, the first battles sorties will start promptly at 0900 and 1000 while the second battles sorties will start at 1200 and 1300.

2011-01-08 : Record Breaker! SCRAP managed to get twelve ships on the water today for our first battle of the new year. The day was marked by both fleets scoring over 10,000 points each and a victory for the Allies of only 55 points. One ship had two CO2 line explosions which caused extensive damage on shore and one of our cruisers is still at the bottom of the lake awaiting salvage. Overall, a great day of battling!

2010-09-04 : Record Breaker! After a month away from the water due to some medical issues for our contest director, today we broke another record this year and had eleven ships on the water for our September battle! The Axis squeaked out another victory by only 140 points after both teams managed to score over 9000 points between them.

2010-06-05 : Record Breaker! Only a month after our latest record breaking event, we had 10 ships on the water at once and also had the closest scoring event in the history of the chapter. The Axis squeaked out another victory by only five points after both teams managed to score nearly 9000 points between them.

2010-05-16 : Harry Hollins and Brian Eliassen represented SCRAP at the Armed Forces Day event in Norco. We've been invited next year so keep May 21st, 2011 open. Many people dropped by our tent and went away amazed that we actually shoot each other. There may be a few extra people watching the battle on June 5th.

2010-05-10 : SCRAP has once again been invited by the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Norco to show people what we're all about during their upcoming Armed Forces Day/Open House event on May 15th. Come on out and look at our ships. There will not be any battling as the lake is still undergoing an environmental impact study but we will be on the water. The NSWC facility is located at 1999 4th Street in Norco. The event runs from 10am until 2pm.

2010-05-01 : Record Breaker! For our 20th event at Prado, SCRAP broke a record that has stood for nearly a decade. We had nine ships on the water at one time breaking our often duplicated maximum of eight ships. "Evil" Brandon Smith wrote an article for this event and Bruce Betts took some photos as well. Thanks guys!

2010-04-03 : Mark the Calendars! An event occurred today in SCRAP that has never happened during our chapters 13 year existence -- the Axis won a battle! Way to go guys! Of course, you were shooting at a little girl. A LITTLE GIRL!

2010-02-05 : Battle Cancelled! Due to a severe storm system moving into the area this weekend, we've been forced to cancel the battle event for February 6th. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for our upcoming event on March 6th.

2010-01-16 : Bob Graybill, one of our newest SCRAP captains, pulled out his camera and took some pictures of our October 3rd event. Major kudos to Bob as we now have photographic proof of Ty's prop fish incident. Additionally, Harry Hollins took some photos of our January 2nd event. Thanks Harry!

2009-11-08 : SCRAP held it's 15th event at Prado Regional Park and also reserved dates for a complete 2010 schedule as well. Be sure to check out our Event Schedule subpage for a list of events and dates.

2009-09-05 : Today we confirmed our participation at the Marching Thru History Exposition (MTHE) at Prado Regional Park on October 3rd. SCRAP will be performing our normal battle event throughout the day as naval reenactors. Come on out and watch a parade or two along with a full day of battling.

2009-02-07 : Ty Siouxpancic documents the maiden voyage of his HMS Fylgia in this article for our February battle. Some photos have been added showing some moments throughout the day.

2009-01-03 : This time, Brian Eliassen writes the article for the January battle which had the third career sink of the USS South Dakota within the past 11 years. The South Dakota's previous sink occurred on May 11th, 2002.

2008-12-06 : Once again, Ty Siouxpancic takes up the challenge and delivers another article about the days events. Some photos have been added to the site showing events throughout the day.

2008-10-04 : Some of the best weather welcomed SCRAP on this day for a great example of ship reliability - or lack thereof in this case. Ty Siouxpancic steps up to the plate and wrote another article about the days events.

2008-09-06 : SCRAP held another battle at the wonderful facility at Prado. We had our first sink too. Our president, Ty Siouxpancic, wrote an article about the days events. No pictures this time as I forgot my camera.

2008-08-16 : SCRAP held the first regular battle, of what should be many, on this day at Prado Regional Park. The facility is truly amazing and is specifically designed around the use of R/C model boats. The local management let us reserve our monthly event through January. There will be one change with this regular battle schedule; we're moving the battle events to the first Saturday of each month. The battles will conclude around 1pm each day and will be followed immediately by a post-battle build session in Pasadena. A battle article was written by visiting captain, Brandon Smith, of the days activities. There are unsorted high-resolution photos available as well.

2008-07-22 : Schedule Change! With our new found battling site, it's painfully obvious that SCRAP needs a build session in order to get our ships battle ready once again. So we're going to cancel the July battle and make it a build session instead. Bring your ship and get it ready for battle!

2008-06-04 : SCRAP has found a place to battle! Thanks to the considerable efforts of Ty Siouxpancic, current SCRAP President, we will now have regular events at the Prado Regional Park in Chino, CA. Come on out and join us!

2008-05-16 : Due to the Memorial Day holiday, the May Build Session will be moved to the 31st.

2007-07-14 : Due to the MWC National Championship event this month, the July Build Session has been cancelled. The next one is scheduled for August 25th.

2007-06-23 : Due to scheduling conflicts, the build session for today has been moved off a week to June 30th.

2007-06-20 : The MWC Nationals is just around the corner so check out the Nats Page for more details.

2006-09-03 : By popular demand (no kidding), the old on-line MWC Ship List has returned. Since we don't wish to create confusion, it has been renamed the SCRAP Ship List. As stated on each of the ship list pages, this is for informational purposes only and while every effort has been made to ensure it is accurate, you should refer to your MWC rules package as the definitive source. Click on the 'Ship List' menu option to check it out.

2006-07-12 : We just received confirmation from the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Norco that we can use the facility for a day of battling on July 22nd starting at 1000. If you wish to attend, please contact Ty Siouxpancic with your name and birthdate so you will be allowed in. Come on out and watch some battling! The NSWC facility is located at 2300 5th Street in Norco. A build session will commence immediately afterwards in Pasadena.

2006-05-20 : The demonstration battles at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Norco were a great success and a lot of fun. SCRAP would like to thank the NSWC for the opportunity to help during their event and for the certificate of appreciation which they presented to SCRAP President Ty Siouxpancic. We met a lot of interested people and answered a lot of questions. The navy personnel seemed quite taken with our unusual hobby as well. In fact they've offered us the use of the NSWC for future SCRAP events! Some really great news!

2006-05-19 : Tomorrow, SCRAP will be at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Norco where we will be giving demonstration battles during their Commanding Officer's Visitation Day events on May 20th, Armed Forces Day. Come on out, check out the displays and watch some battling. The NSWC facility is located at 2300 5th Street in Norco and will be open to the public during this event.

2006-05-14 : The migration to the new website format has been completed much earlier than expected. Every subpage has been upgraded to the new format. Additional tweaks will be occuring here and there over the next month but the overall effort has been completed.

2006-05-10 : After many starts and stops, the new SCRAP website layout is available on the main page. Additional pages will be converted to this new format over the next several weeks.

2006-04-28 : SCRAP has been invited by the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Norco to give demonstration battles during their upcoming Armed Forces Day events on May 20th. Come on out, check out the displays and watch some battling. The NSWC facility is located at 2300 5th Street in Norco.

2005-05-05 : SCRAP now has it's very own domain name and independent presence on the Internet. But you already know that since you're reading this.

2005-01-01 : With recent changes due to negotiations with a potential battling site, the SCRAP members decided to extend the terms of all the officers through the end of 2005. They are: Ty Siouxpancic - President, Brian Eliassen - Vice President, Mark De Antonio - Secretary and Piper Malick - Treasurer.

2004-07-23 : The MWC held their annual National Championship this year in Rolla, MO. The Axis prevented a four-peat by the Allies by outscoring them 190,790 to 157,600. Despite last years record number of SCRAP attendees, no participants attended from SCRAP in 2004.

2004-01-01 : The votes are in and the SCRAP officers for 2004 have been chosen. They are: Ty Siouxpancic - President, Brian Eliassen - Vice President, Mark De Antonio - Secretary and Piper Malick - Treasurer. Congrats to all.

2003-07-20 : Ty Siouxpancic, Dana Graham, David Asman and Brian Eliassen all trekked across the country to participate in the main event for model warship combat, the MWC National Championships. This is a record number of attendees for California. Ty, Dana and Brian were Allied this year and helped their fleet to a 50,000 point margin of victory.

2003-06-25 : This year, SCRAP is sending a record number of captains to the MWC National Championships. News about how they faired will be available here after the pummelling takes place.

2003-05-03 : SCRAP will be hosting a single-day sanctioned Spring Regional battle on May 31st. Check out our events subpage for more information. If you're in the Southern California area, drop on by for a visit and watch the action. If you plan on battling, you must be a current member of the MWC in order to participate.

2003-03-08 : The second battle of 2003 was held at a new location on Irvine Lake and proved to be a very nice location for some intense combat. An article was written by our own Mark De Antonio.

2003-03-01 : The event which was held in November for the show Inside R/C shown on The Outdoor Channel will be airing this month on the following days:

   Episode #11 - Combat Boats

      Monday March 10th @ 2:30PM
      Thursday March 13th @ 12:00AM
      Saturday March 15th @ 7:00AM

   On cable and the following satellite services and channels:

      DISK Network channel 153
      DIRECT TV channel 606

2003-01-12 : The first battle of 2003 was held on a Sunday and there was plenty of action. A report was written by our own John Flores. In a nutshell, a lot of sinks, a lot of damage and a lot more reliability in the ships.

2002-12-31 : SCRAP has elected new officers for 2003. They are: Brian Eliassen - President, Ty Siouxpancic - Vice President, John Flores - Secretary and Joe Dworniczak - Treasurer. Congratulations to all.

2002-12-07 : The Pearl Harbor Memorial Battle was held today and Mark De Antonio wrote a detailed report about the continuing troubles plaguing the veteran SCRAP captains after not being on the water for three months. We've also posted some related photos for the event.

2002-11-01 : Today SCRAP put on a demonstration battle for Inside R/C, a show on The Outdoor Channel, at our Irvine Lake facility. Despite the fact that the battle started at noon on a Friday, SCRAP was able to field seven captains at lakeside with four ships on the water. The teams were broken down as Axis/Allied for the camera which pitted Brian Eliassen's South Dakota (SoDak) and Ty Siouxpancic's Inflexible against the fleet of Joe Dworniczak's Von der Tann and John Riese's Yavuz. Other captains were Dana Graham who brought out his PT boat but didn't sail it due to radio problems, Daniel Louwsma and Todd Olson. During the first sortie, the Von der Tann was pulled out at the last minute due to a pump problem so the Allies ganged up on the Yavuz. The SoDak only had three working cannons and the Inflexible only had two so the odds were not outrageously one-sided. John was able to captain the Yavuz quite effectively but he did take some damage. The second sortie had all four ships on the water with the SoDak only having two working cannons. Ty was able to get all three cannons working on the Inflexible. Towards the end of the battle, SCRAP wanted to show the TV audience what a sink looked like so John bravely turned off his pump in the Yavuz. Due to the damage it had taken earlier, it was decks awash in 5 seconds and sank in less than 10 seconds. Shortly after this, the Von der Tann sank after being the victim of a rather sneaky 'prop washing' attack by the SoDak. With that, the battle was over and the Boy Scouts of America chased away the survivors. SCRAP would like to thank Bill and Bill of The Outdoor Channel for their goodies and for putting up with a bunch of lousy actors. More information about the air-date will be available when we hear about it.

2002-09-14 : Ty Siouxpancic has written an article about the battling on this day. As you may be able to guess from the title, it was a day with many ship related problems. Reliability is the most important aspect in keeping your ship on the water and as this article proves, even the veterans can have problems keeping everything working properly in their ships.

2002-09-01 : Sometimes websites have to shutdown. This is an unfortunate fact of life on the internet. The Central California Attack Squadron (CCAS) has basically been absorbed by the new Cal-Neva Combat Club. This has rendered the CCAS website as somewhat unnecessary. A very useful feature on the CCAS site was the list of available 1/144th scale fiberglass hulls. The webmaster, Jeff Hudelson, asked if SCRAP was interested in taking over the content on that page. SCRAP has stepped up to the plate and we present the Available 1/144th Scale Fiberglass Warship Hulls list. Along with the list are some reviews on the hulls.

2002-08-25 : The month of August has been amazing for SCRAP. So far this month we've had no less than four new rookies join; SCRAP has formally adopted bylaws for the operation of the chapter; Ty Siouxpancic has formally become President for the remainder of the year; Brian Eliassen has been appointed the new Vice-President for the remainder of the year; and SCRAP is scheduled to have a very well attended battling event on September 14th where the 'eight ships' record is expected to finally fall. Great news all around.

2002-07-19 : This year SCRAP was only able to send two members to the MWC National Championships which were held in Houston, TX. The Allies won by a narrow margin. Our own Dana Graham managed the "Best of Scale" trophy for the fourth consecutive year. Way to go Dana!

2002-06-27 : After seven months as SCRAP's first President, Mike Aono has resigned citing a continuing pattern of work and school scheduling conflicts. SCRAP's Vice-President, Ty Siouxpancic, is acting President until further notice.

2002-05-11 : A most unusual day of combat at the lake. It can now be said that all SCRAP ships have sunk at least once. An article was written to chronicle the days events.

2002-03-02 : Joe Dworniczak wrote an article about his first day on the water during the March battle.

2002-01-12 : The 2002 Elections have been completed and joining Mike Aono as officers for SCRAP are; Ty Siouxpancic as Vice-President, John Riese as Secretary and Joe Dworniczak as Treasurer. Congratulations guys and good luck.

2002-01-12 : Eight captains hit the waves during this battle. An article was written covering the days events.

2001-12-01 : In keeping with our attempt to hold monthly battles, we held another one today. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely with a few stating that it was the best SCRAP battle so far. An article was written for the days events.

2001-11-17 : As SCRAP has started to grow rather rapidly over the past year, the membership decided on this date to officially organize the local MWC chapter and elect officers. To run the election, the membership voted Mike Aono 2002 President of SCRAP. Elections for the other offices should occur before the end of the year.

2001-11-10 : Thanks to the efforts of our own Joe Dworniczak, SCRAP was able to return to the water after a six month hiatus. Everyone had a chance to check out the new lake facility and battle. This represents the first time that SCRAP has had actual permission from a lake owner to have a warship combat event. Thanks Joe! An article was written up on the days events and some pictures have also been posted thanks to Ty Siouxpancic.

2001-07-15 : As last year, David Asman, Brian Eliassen and Dana Graham made the trek to the 3rd Annual MWC National Championships which were held in Warrensburg, MO. This year, the Allies won by a comfortable 40,000 point margin. Much to everyone's surprise, Dana Graham's Prince of Wales won Best of Scale again. This is three consecutive Best of Scale wins for Dana. Way to go, Dana!

2001-04-07 : Mentioning that the battling this day was soggy is an understatement. It was pouring during the battle. While it was still an Allied victory, despite being outnumbered in both ships and units, the Axis Admiral, David Asman, came up with the following haiku to mark the occasion.

      Wierd dudes stand in rain,
      shooting holes in toy ships. Sheesh!
      Need heads examined.

2000-01-13 : The battling on this day, which was only two sorties in length, produced seven (7) sinks and the most lopsided score in the history of SCRAP. An article was even written up on the days events.

2000-12-06 : That's right, on this day three years ago, SCRAP held its first monthly meeting in Pasadena, CA. That first meeting had three captains. There are currently 16 active members within SCRAP today and this is without an active recruitment campaign.

2000-09-03 : Today marks the first day SCRAP begins it's monthly battling schedule. This new schedule will help promote better captaining skills both with maneuverability and battling. It will also allow people to come on out and see the action.

2000-07-21 : Once again, SCRAP was able to send three attendees to the 2000 MWC National Championships in Perry, Georgia. The score was a lot closer this year with a narrow Axis victory much to our Axis Admirals delight. David Asman, Brian Eliassen and Dana Graham were all able to attend again. Dana Graham won Best of Scale for the second year but this time with his new HMS Prince of Wales.

1999-12-04 : SCRAP held its first MWC sanctioned battle today at beautiful Lake Isabella. The weather cooperated perfectly and we were able to get two complete battles in. Five ships were on the water and there were a couple of sinks.

1999-07-16 : SCRAP had three attendees at the 1999 MWC National Championships. David Asman, Brian Eliassen and Dana Graham all attended. Dana Graham won Best of Scale with his HMS Invincible and David Asman was in a three way tie for Best of Class 4 with his SMS Nassau.